What does it mean to be a member of the Snohomish County Football Officials Association?
  • To experience great camaraderie with other officials
  • To learn football at a deeper level
  • To be positive role models to the community
  • To officiate sanctioned football games at all age levels.
  • To recruit and train apprentice officials.
  • To promote goodwill.
  • To promote standards for outstanding achievement and recognition of the Code of Ethics for officiating football games.
  • Complete SCFOA Membership Signup Form


I haven't joined the SCFOA yet but I'm interested in officiating football. How do I join?
During July and August, you may come directly to one of our apprentice meetings at the Everett Elks Club, 6:00 pm on Tuesdays, or contact us for more information at:

Snohomish County Football Officials Association
3411 192nd St. SE
Bothell, WA 98012

Membership Coordinator: Scott Pattison
Phone: (425) 870-5606

Do I need previous experience as a football official?
Previous experience is good but is not a requirement. We provide a comprehensive training course for new officials that’s included in your registration fee.

What sort of time commitment would I have to make to officiate football?
In addition to the preseason apprentice meetings and regular membership meetings games are typically played as follows. Most week day afternoon contests typically kick-off between 3:30 -7:00pm. The following list is a typical breakdown of when each age group plays their games.

  • Mondays: Junior Varsity/Freshman/Sophomore
  • Tuesdays: 7th Graders
  • Wednesdays: 8th Graders/Little League
  • Thursdays: Junior Varsity/Freshman/Sophomore
  • Friday: Varsity
  • Saturday: Little League
  • Sundays: None

Of course you can work as much or as little as possible depending on your desire and availability.

What are the criteria for membership?
The SCFOA bylaws spell out all the association rules. However, here are some basic requirements for membership. Read Our Current Bylaws

  • Passing a rules exam
  • Attendance at association meetings

What about the rules exam?
Each year SCFOA officials are required by the Washington Officials Association (WOA) to pass a written National Federation of High Schools Football (NFHS) rules exam in order to work varsity games. All of the rule books are provided once you sign up and begin apprentice training. This exam is prepared for during meetings prior to the season beginning. A passing score of 70% is required. Additionally, the North Sound Junior Football League (little league) rules for 2014 are available online by clicking here.

How do I receive pre-season scrimmage assignments?
Prior to the beginning of the regular season there are typically pre-season scrimmages and jamborees that the assignor will assign as needed. This is a great opportunity to practice officiating skills before the real games begin.

How do I receive game assignments?
The SCFOA Assignor assigns all games. During the season you will periodically receive emails letting you know that you have been assigned a game. Using our web based assigning system you will then need to login and accept or decline your assigned games. Prior to, and during, the season each official has the ability to determine which days they are unable to work. These dates are noted in the assigning system, and the assignor will not assign you to games on those dates. It is also important to note that you should always contact the assignor immediately if you are unable to make a scheduled assignment.

When does the Washington state rules interpreter address the SCFOA?
Each year SCFOA members are required to attend a Washington Officials Association (WOA) rules clinic. This clinic is available on-line a few weeks before the regular season starts. Each member is required to complete the clinic in order to work varsity games.

I've been assigned a game. How do I get directions to the school?
We use a web based assignment system called Arbiter. When you receive a game assignment you will be able to view the address of the school, map links to the school you will be officiating as well as the other officials you will be working with that day.

What equipment will I need to officiate?
The uniform required to officiate consists of the striped shirt, white pants, striped socks, black shoes, black hat with white piping and a whistle. Of course, with any profession there are always extras that can be purchased, but the typical setup to get started will cost approximately between $150-$200. This cost can easily be recovered by working just a few games. We have some donated gear available if you cannot afford a complete unifore right away.

When should I arrive at an assigned game?
For all varsity games you should arrive 1 hours prior to kick-off. This will allow ample time to dress and run through a pre-game meeting with your crew. For all sub-varsity games it is best to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off and be on field dressed and ready 15 minutes before the scheduled kickoff.

How do I get paid?
At the end of each season officials will receive a pay sheet generated from our assignment system. Each official should verify it for accuracy and notify the Treasurer if there are any discrepancies. Checks for wages earned will be distributed typically by mid December but may be early January. We bill schools for games worked at the end of the year and as money is received checks begin being distributed.

Is my officiating income taxable?
Each official receives an IRS form 1099 at the end of the year. As an independent contractor, each official is responsible for the reporting of the income, typically on a schedule C of their IRS tax return. A copy of each 1099 form will also be filed with the IRS as required by law.

How do I get into the members only section of the website?
Once you sign up as a member of the SCFOA you will be contacted by our webmaster with your username and password to access all the member only information.

Where do I get the NFHS rule books for each season?
Once you sign up and begin apprentice training you will receive the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) football rules book & case book. You can also visit out downloads section for rules from other football leagues.


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